The World's First Web-Based Hydraulic Graph N^1.85 for Water Supply and Demand Information  

a picture of graph 1.85

 Project Location:

 Flow Test: Hydrant Elev.=  ft.,  Static Pressure= psi,  Residual Pressure=  psi,  Flow= gpm  

 Tester and/or Witness By:     Phone:       Date:

 System Demand Data:     Pressure =  psi,   Flow=   gpm,   Hose Stream=  gpm

 Designer:     Phone:   A.H.J.


Max. P on pressure axis=   psi; Max. Q on flow rate axis:  gpm; AutoUpdate  

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Keywords: PingFIRE, .Net, NFPA 13, Flow Test, Fire Sprinkler Piping System, Hydraulic Graph N1.85, Web-Based

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